Chapter, 3_Travel

My family and I often decide to travel to several countries during vacations. Journeys, cultures between the people give me lots of stories to tell. I learn harmony from their peaceful religion, I learn patient from their vibrant lives, and I learn freedom from their colorful streets. Guess what? It’s the most wide-opened lively country I’ve ever seen.    The country of dreaming artists, Thai land.


I’ve been to Bangkok in That land years ago. It was a beautiful, active city tll’ the night than what I actually expected. It gave me a lot of surprising experience. Yeah, you may have different opinion about how Thai land is free for everyone, however I’ve got no more news what I felt from that city.



Anyway, Thai land is properly busy place for tourists and newcomers. Because Bangkok has a variety of buildings and stores to visit. Furthermore Thai Land’s food is great enough to taste, fortunately!


How about the nights? People said that clubs and roof bars are also awesome. But you know, I ‘m still a teenager, though. I just could wondered around the streets of Bangkok.









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