Chapter, 3_Travel

My family and I often decide to travel to several countries during vacations. Journeys, cultures between the people give me lots of stories to tell. I learn harmony from their peaceful religion, I learn patient from their vibrant lives, and I learn freedom from their colorful streets. Guess what? It’s the most wide-opened lively country I’ve ever […]

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I’ve heard some news that “Bendy and the ink machine” is being popularized over other drawers through the youtube bj. SO I watched the video several times, and wowww….. Actually, It was GOOD. But I think I prefer Freddy’s than Bendy’s. Well, still I think Foxy is horrible than the ‘inkies’. However, Bendy is kind […]

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Chapter,1_The Theme

I love to listening to music,though. I’ve been always looking for something interesting. ‘Cause since I was young, my father had been introduced me a variety of movies. From the movie theme, to the game ost. Furthermore I watched a variety kinds of music videos from the popular singers. And today I’d like to show […]

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